Wicked South Productions

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course.

It is recommended  you wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to walk long distances over uneven terrain and that you are willing to get dirty.

You will be walking through dirt that can be dusty or muddy depending on recent weather. Closed toe shoes are required. Flip flops, open toe sandals, and heels are prohibited.

You will be required to sign a waiver before entering. Applying insect repellent is recommended on warmer nights.

No. This is a no touch haunt. They will get close and contact with costumes and props is possible. If you run you may run into a haunter. Pleas refrain from running. As a reminder you may not touch the haunters, scenes, or props (unless a designated photo opportunity). Any act that is deemed as aggression toward any staff member or could be a safety issue for you or others will result in immediate rejection without refund. Law enforcement will be contacted if any action is an infraction of the law.

No. Haunters and other guests are navigating through low level lighting. Bright lights, flashes, phones screens, and other light sources pose a saftey risk for all. Please be reminded we are not responsible for lost items.

All Children Under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by an adult. 

Please refrain from bringing anything into the haunted house that needs to be carried this includes purses, phones, and children. If it doesn’t fit in your pockets leave it in your vehicle out of view with the vehicle secured. No weapons of any kind are allowed in the haunt.

Please keep all items secured. We are not responsible for lost items. This is a low level lighting venue. Finding items will not be easy. We will not stop the show to look for an item. Leave your name, number, description of item, and where you think you lost it with security or management before you leave. If we locate it we will contact you.

Yes it is highly recommended for you to print your tickets before arrival. Cell service can be limited at times due to the rural location. You may not be able to load your tickets. Additionally we may need extra time to scan your mobile tickets. Is there an advantage to purchasing online? Yes. You will be able to bypass the cash register line. All you will have to do is sign the waiver and give us your ticket.

 There are no refunds. If you or someone else cannot make it through you will be able to leave through the nearest fire exit. Do not cut through the corn this is unsafe. There could be hazards such as cords, animals, props, fixed objects that were not anticipated.