Pembroke, Georgia

Years ago…

a carnival was traveling through town. The performers set up camp, as they often did. One night something strange happened; the camp remained but the travelers all disappeared. The carnival moved on without ever knowing what happened to their performers. As the years past the camp disappeared into the trees. Though there are rumors when a mist settles in the trees the sounds of the performers can be heard. Come explore the abandoned camp and see for yourself what lies beyond the trees.

Wicked South Haunted Forest:

3001 Lawrence Church RD.
Pembroke, GA 31321

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Wicked South Productions

Wicked South Productions – bringing the haunt industry to the Coastal Empire!

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Haunted Forest 2024

The Haunted Forest in Pembroke, GA starts October 4th, 2024! Hit the link below to view the dates.

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"A Must-See
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